CEQA EIR Required? Air Quality

Monterey Air Thresholds DEIR_PLN130352_040115_CH4_S4-03

CEQA EIR Required – Air Quality

III. AIR QUALITY — Where available, the significance criteria established by the applicable air quality management or air pollution control district may be relied upon to make the following determinations. Would the project:

a) Conflict with or obstruct implementation of the applicable air quality plan?

b) Violate any air quality standard or contribute substantially to an existing or projected air quality violation?

c) Result in a cumulatively considerable net increase of any criteria pollutant for which the project region is non- attainment under an applicable federal or state ambient air quality standard (including releasing emissions which exceed quantitative thresholds for ozone precursors)?

d) Expose sensitive receptors to substantial pollutant concentrations?

e) Create objectionable odors affecting a substantial number of people?

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tourists Staying in STR’s, and Workers Forced in to Longer Commutes as Long-Term Housing is Converted to STR’s and Home Stays


CEQA July 24 updated  See pages 69 to 72



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