Carmel Area Land Use Plan April 1983, and Updated 1999

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Carmel_Area_LUP_complete copy

Carmel_Area_LUP_complete updated 1999

What is definition of VSU?


Page 92


  1. Commercial
  2. Commercial land use in the Carmel Coastal Segment shall be restricted to those locations of existing and proposed visitor-serving accommodations shown on the land use plan map or described in the text. Additional commercial designation of property is not compatible with the intent of this land use plan to preserve the natural and scenic character of the area.


  1. Renewal of use permits for existing commercial uses or the establishment of new uses will require careful consideration of the impact of the use on the surrounding community. Particularly where commercial activities are in proximity to residences, care must be taken to ensure that noise or visual modification do not affect the peace and tranquillity of existing neighbors.




Page 94

  1. Recreation and Visitor-Serving Commercial

Moderate to high-intensity uses providing basic support services and accommodations to meet visitor needs associated with coastal recreation and travel are appropriate. Major hotel or inn accommodations are principal uses. Such uses shall be subject to the policies of section 4.4.3-D.





Page 94-5

  1. Low-Density Residential


Low-density residential development is the primary use of this category. Agricultural land uses are limited in order to decrease cumulative erosion and water quality impacts. The establishment of impervious surface will be limited to a set percentage of the parcel size. Maximum densities ranging from 1 unit per 2.5 acres to 1 unit per acre would be allowed according to site evaluation of slope and natural resource, septic system and public facility constraints. This land use designation is applied to Carmel Highlands – Riviera. Public/quasi-publicu ses(5.5.1)and densities of overnight accommodations currently in operation are permitted.



Page 96

28 total VSU (Lower Area of Point Lobos) in addition to existing


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