Other Cities and Community Groups Opposing STR in the U.S. and Around the World

Cities and Community Groups in the United States


Anaheim, California

In Anaheim, on West Skywood Circle, a six-bedroom home about six miles from Disneyland rents for an average of $617 a night. Under city code, the home can accommodate no more than 20 people. But in a recent online review, a tenant bragged about squeezing 34 people into the home.  “We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this gorgeous home,” the reviewer said.

They’re a “nightmare” and a “cancer.” They leave behind trash, beer bottles and even a crack pipe. They could spread disease, and possibly harbor child molesters. They create “an atmosphere of unconscionable greed.”

One resident said investors have been going door-to-door, making all cash offers at 125 percent of a home’s appraised value.

The issue has quickly become a major political challenge for city officials. On Monday, the hotel workers union UNITE HERE Local 11 and Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) held a news conference with residents announcing their opposition to short-term rentals.

Union representatives said the businesses threaten the livelihoods of hotel employees. And according to OCCORD, investors have been jacking up rents on tenants in order to oust residents and turn the properties into short-term rentals, making an already bad housing shortage in Anaheim even worse.

OCCORD Policy Analyst Clara Turner said any new ordinance targeting short-term rentals must include a ban on advertising to stop them from listing on websites that facilitate the renting. She also said the law should include a “private right of action,” whereby residents can seek legal actions against violators of the ordinance.

Mayor Tom Tait acknowledged that the businesses were posing a serious threat to neighborhoods.  “You can have friends over for a drink or for a party. If you do that every night and start charging, it becomes a bar. You can’t have that,” Tait said, adding that an outright ban might not be “unreasonable.”



Aliso Viejo, California

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville bans short-term rentals on Haywood Road 

Austin, Texas

5 Ways to Beat Austin_s Short Term Rental Licensing Ordinance During SXSW | Austin Blog on Life Music and Culture

Big Sur, California

Boston, Massachusetts

Urgent Update Boston Sets Precedent To Rein In Illegal Hotels Passes Tough Law

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston is cracking down on short-term rentals like Airbnb.

The City Council just approved new rules that would ban certain property owners from renting apartments for short terms through a variety of apps. The biggest losers would be so-called investor units, homes where the owner doesn’t actually live.

It took the Boston City Council a couple of years and several different proposals to get to today. The house was packed with people on both sides of the issue. After debating amendment after amendment, the Councilors voted 11-2 to impose strict regulations on short-term rentals like Airbnb and Home Away.

The most significant change, the new ordinance bans people from renting out units they don’t live in for short periods. Those are called investor units and critics say they’re a type of hotel.

The regulations do allow short-term rentals of owner occupied units as often as the owners want, and allows owners of two and three family homes to rent out one unit all year long.

Airbnb is not happy, telling WBZ in a statement: “The new ordinance unfortunately creates a system that violates the privacy of our hosts, and prevents Boston families from making much needed extra income in one of the country’s most expensive cities.”

Outside the council chambers, Airbnb host Terrence Heinen wasn’t happy either. “What they did is just mind boggling. It’s just crushing a whole industry. We have cleaners, we have maintenance people, they’re all going to be put out of work,” he says.

But the city argues the new regulation will help traditional renters. “I think we’re really hopeful it will return some housing to the rental market, that these people go back to renting long term leases,” says Colleen Fitzpatrick who also attended the Council meeting.

The ordinance also forces hosts to register with the city and pay a yearly registration fee.

Late this afternoon Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told us he will sign the new law

Brentwood, Tennessee

Planning Commission signals tougher stance against short term rentals – Brentwood Home Page


Capitola, California

From To be or AirBnB; Voices of Monterey Bay, by Joe Livernois, 12/7/17

In Capitola, short-term vacation rentals are all about location. Census records show that Capitola has about 5,000 housing units, but only a couple hundred of them could be turned into vacation rentals. The city ordinance limits vacation rentals to several tiny square blocks in the heart of city’s tourist areas, including Riverview Avenue along Soquel Creek, and the adjacent Capitola Village area around Esplanade Park.

Capitola requires both a city permit and a business license, and applications for both are relatively straight-forward.

The city created its STR policies in 1991, and the City Council recently decided it would not expand the STR boundaries outside the Village. Earlier this year, it notified the numerous scofflaws outside the boundaries that they had 30 days to cease and desist, said Katie Herlihy of the city’s community development department.

She said enforcement of the city’s STR policies is by far the department’s biggest code-enforcement issue, representing about one-third of all actions taken by enforcement o!cers. Most violators are reported by neighbors, she said.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Carmel Highlands

Mal Paso Creek Property Association

Preserve Carmel Highlands

Carmel Valley Homeowners Association

Dana Point, CA

Danville, CA

Del Mar, California

Detroit, MIchigan

Detroit begins enforcing its new Airbnb ban

Goleta, California

Hermosa Beach, California

Huntington Beach, CA

Kaui, Hawaii


Laguna Beach, California

Los Angeles, California

Malibu, California

Malibu to crack down on short-term rentals via Airbnb, other websites – Los Angeles Times

Malibu_s Summer Rental Market Booms – WSJ

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami proposes banning Airbnb in some areas, strict regulations …

Mill Valley, California

Montecito, CA

Montecito, Saturday, November 21, 2015

Montecito Says No to Short-Term Rentals


Saturday, November 21, 2015


Growing sentiment countywide against short-term vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods received more unanimous backing with the Montecito Planning Commission’s recent support of an all-out ban, even in areas where vacation homes have been operating for years, such as Miramar Beach.

While the five-member commission remained open to short-term vacation rental proponents, who cautioned against a blanket beatdown based on temporary traffic congestion and a few noisy party pads, their hardline unanimous vote boiled down to preserving the semirural residential character spelled out in Montecito’s 23-year-old community plan.

“We have to draw a line in the sand,” said commissioner Susan Keller, who related a story about her longstanding next-door neighbors – “a lovely family with a small child” – getting booted by their landlady because “she decided she could make a killing by renting out her home [on a short-term basis].”

While Keller’s anecdote exemplified the growing concern that the exploding number of vacation getaways has removed long-term rentals from an already strained market, it also spoke to what she called “a void.” Where once lived a family — with ties to neighbors and a kid lined up with local schools — is now an empty shell periodically occupied by out-of-towners with little vested interest in the greater Montecito community.

Monterey (City of), California

I will ask our city staff to write a letter outlining our efforts in Monterey.  Our City Charter does not allow STR’s.  That occurred in 1984 when I put the hotel/moratorium on the ballot which passed by a large margin.  It froze hotel motel zones.  It would take a vote of the residents to permit STR’S, and in my experience, the citizens overwhelmingly oppose them in their neighborhoods.  The City has hired an enforcement company to ensure compliance with our Charter and codes.

Mayor Clyde Roberson

Monterey Dunes Homeowners Association

Nashville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana

Airbnb Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor in Tourist-Friendly New Orleans – The New York Times

New York, New York

Ojai, California

Pacific Beach, California

Pacific Beach residents rally against short-term rentals – CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station –

Pacific Grove, California

Palm Desert, California

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs voters will see vacation rentals on the ballot this summer

Requirement for decibel meters at the property perimeters.  They  provide those readings to city of Palm Springs, subject to penalties up of approximately $1000 per violation.

Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach rolls out new short-term rentals regulations

Portland, Oregon


Rancho Palos Verdes,California

Redondo Beach, CA

San Angelo, Texas

How San Angelo Banned AirBnB.com-Like Short Term Rentals

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica ban on short-term rentals? – LA Times

South Lake Tahoe, California

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul Website

Tiburon, California

Venice, California

Walla Walla, Washington

West Hollywood, California


Cities in Other Countries

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airbnb Could Be Banned In Amsterdam

Amsterdam moves to curb disruptive tourism

“While the city of Amsterdam only has a population of around 850,000 people, it gets around 18 million visitors each year. That has consequences for the quality of life of the people who live there. To curb the worst effects for local people the city authorities are adopting some new measures, like limiting the number of days owners can rent out their properties to 60 a year. It’s also planning to increase the room tax by as much as  $15 a night. It has also banned new hotels, and even some stores,”

Barcelona, Spain

Airbnb was fined €30,000 ($33,913)

Berlin, Germany

Berlin authorities crack down on Airbnb rental boom | Technology | The Guardian

Berlin ban on Airbnb short-term rentals upheld by city court

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza locals take to the streets against overtourism

Majorca, Palma, Spain

To Contain Tourism, One Spanish City Strikes a Ban, on Airbnb – The New York Times

Montreal, Canada

Paris, France

Paris rolls out tough new rule on Airbnb rentals

Paris Confronts Airbnb_s Rapid Growth – WSJ

Sydney/New South Wales, Australia

Airbnb inquiry: NSW parliament investigates short-stay rentals | The Guardian

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Stratas granted ability to fine hosts of illegal Airbnb suites $1,000:day | CTV Vancouver

Airbnb: short-term rentals, short-term thinking – Canadian Dimension: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

Venice, Italy

Venice, Invaded by Tourists, Risks Becoming ‘Disneyland on the Sea’ – The New York Times

Vienna, Austria

Hotels fight back against private rentals – Austrian Times Online News



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