Monterey Dunes Homeowners Association

Date: September 12, 2017 R E S O To: Monterey County Planning Commissioners



CC. Melanie Beretti, Monterey County Resource Management Agency and California Coastal Commission
From: Owners at Monterey Dunes Colony Association (MDCA)
Subject: Support for restrictions on STRs in Monterey County

Dear Commissioners:

We are a group of homeowners at Monterey Dunes Colony (MDC), a Homeowners Association (HOA), located in the Coastal Zone.

What we are supporting:
1) Restrictions on Short Term Rentals (STRs) for residential units that are not primary residences to limit commercialization of the Colony and Coastal Zone.
a) A limit on the number of nights per year of rentals. We recommend a limit of 100 rental nights per year; and/or
b) A percentage cap on the number of units in a Homeowner Association (HOA) that can rent. We recommend 25% of total units in any HOA community.
c) A rigorous permit process, especially for Coastal Zone HOAs, taking  into consideration infrastructure issues such as traffic conditions and water and sewer systems.
d) A provision that HOAs supply the names of owners who rent to encourage compliance with and payment of occupancy taxes.
2) Allocation of transient occupancy taxes to the Resource Management Agency to fund enforcement personnel.
3) Preservation of MDC as primarily a residential community that values and protects the dunes and wildlife unique to beachfront property in the Monterey Bay and that is accessible to the public.

What is MDCA?
1) MDCA is a HOA established in 1974 comprised of 120 housing units just off Molera Road on the ocean side of Coastal Highway 1. Renting was allowed in the original MDCA CC&Rs.

2) Ten years ago there were approximately 20 units being rented; today there are more than 40, in part a result of Airbnb and VRBO booking services. As a direct consequence, we are experiencing degradation of the communal atmosphere and behavioral problems by renters. Our biggest problems come from units that are operated as rental businesses.

3) Many owners rent more than 100 days per year; some more than 200. There are owners of multiple rentals and absentee landlords.

4) Recently the Association attempted to amend its CC&Rs to put a cap of 25% on total rentals, allowing all current owners to be grandfathered. A majority  of owners voted for the amendment, but the vote fell short of the required 2/3 of all owners (not just voters).

We do not represent the Board of Directors, nor do we claim or imply that our suggestions above are supported by a majority of homeowners.

In sum, we favor restrictions that slow the conversion of residential to rental properties and that prioritize homeowner over transient occupancy and the preservation of the natural habitat in the Coastal Zone.

Signed By:
All addresses are Monterey Dunes Way, Moss Landing.

Ted & Marcia Adams (162)
Eddie & Lois Anderson (224)
Dave & Rhonda Anderson (266)
Donna & Ralph Briskin (206)
David Carver and Julia Colleta Carver (138) Marilyn Fraser (280)
Fran & John Gentry (184)
Jim & Lynn Gibbons (218)
Mary Ann Hoisington (200)

Marilyn Karsten (220)

Ron Krausz (314)

Dorian Krausz (316)
George & Mary Ellen Maciag (310)
Harley McAdams & Lucy Shapiro (156) Perry & Martha McCarty (218)
Bill & Joann McGowan (242)
Bill Michaels (268)
Tom & Susan Nolan (148)
Patricia Schroeder (328)
Jeff & Edith Schwartz (326)
Vicki Slichter (142)
John & Clara Steinhart (160)
Don Tenenbaum (118)
Frank & Parm Williams (190)

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