Legal Matters

The following pages post court decisions, legal discussions, and raise issues to be considered.  This, in no way, should be taken as legal advice or as definitive legal judgements.

We have a lot of questions and few answers.


Among the questions are:

How does the “Private Attorney General” option work in the STR context?  Can you get your legal costs paid if you win a lawsuit against an STR owner or a government entity?

Private attorney general and CEQA

Private Actions for Public Nuisance_ Common Law Citizen Suits for

Review of Recent Private Atorney General Cases by Audra Ibarra

Recovery of Attorneys Fees, A Benefit for the Public Good? | Neil, Dymott, Frank, McFall & Trexl

Damages for Private Nuisance – Real Estate Attorney Los Angeles for Evictions, Fraud & Nondisclosure

attorney’s fees awarded to plaintiff in private nuisance cases – Google Search

Attorney_s Fees As Damages In California: When Are They Recoverable? | Tyson & Mendes

What needs to be done to successfully challenge and STR ordinance under CEQA?

Does legal action need to be taken against the Coastal Commission over the issue of whether STR’s are a “residential use” somehow exempt from environmental review?





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