Neighborhood Issues with STRs that Need Enforcement Policies and Resources

Example of Ad for STR of House, Boat, Boardinghouse

Letter to County Re Delayed Enforcement


  • Instead of complying with neighborhood noise limits – the STR owner posts a lookout who warns the party-ers if the police are coming, and then the all clear when they are gone.

The trend for STRs is away from “shared spaces,” where owners are present. Individuals are now purchasing single-family or multifamily units to turn them into STRs — creating a business — to the considerable detriment of their neighbors. Some short-term renters turn these locations into party houses, creating noise, traffic, and a public nuisance. In such instances, neighbors who need a night’s sleep to work the next day or who have school-age children are disturbed. In my neighborhood, a home owner leased her property for a year to someone she believed was occupying it, only to learn he listed it on one of the STR sites as a “commercial party house.” Some 500 people being charged $125 apiece crammed narrow, winding canyon roads by illegally parking and throwing trash everywhere. When the property owner was alerted, she was shocked and started eviction proceedings.”

  • Verbal abuse of neighbors


  • Making wild accusations against neighbors, like that they are “Vigilantes” for reporting illegal STR’s, having loud parties, or harassing neighbors


  • Claiming to be renting for minimum 30 days whereas in fact they are renting short-term. What about an STR/HS who advertises 30 day rentals but in fact is renting short-term?  What of they are using multiple advertising sites to avoid detection? i.e. they list on one site, rent for a few days, then switch to another site to advertise additional STR/HS during the month.  With over 50 sites and more every day, how do you detect and stop such behavior?


Fake or Abused Home Stays


  • Owner rent long term to someone who is in fact a property manager whose job is to rent rooms in the house as much as possible.


  • Owner claims to be renting out a spare bedroom, where as in fact they are running the equivalent of a hotel with a property manager (either themselves or someone else) on site.


  • Property is actually owned by LLC and an employee is the resident

Investor group provides 100% financing to on-site person with rents from STR paying the mortgage.  Failure to achieve revenue targets is an event of default and they replace the “owner” with another.  In other words the mortgage is dependent on them acting as an STR.


  • Owner doesn’t actually live there


  • Renting more bedrooms than permitted by the ordinance

In Carmel Highlands 22 people stayed in a 6 room house.  

  • Renting rooms that do not qualify as bedrooms


  • Renting multiple beds to different individuals or groups within a single bedroom


  • Renting campers or tents on the site

IMG_1943.jpg  Camping STR.JPG


  • Renting bedrooms to more people than permitted per bedroom


  • Using all available parking spaces


  • Blocking the road with parked cars


Operating an STR/Home Stay as a Nuisance

  • Illegal special events


  • Renting to criminals


  • Loud parties and other noise problems


  • Excessive water use – spraying each other from water hoses


  • Failure to maintain leach field for number of people there


  • Illegal and dangerous fires in Extreme Risk of Wildfire Areas


  • Trespassing on to nearby private properties


  • Trespassing on to marine and other protected areas


  • Collecting specimens in tidepools in protected areas


One Specific Case:

“Our review of the County file shows that the citation given by Alex Rodriquez in 2012 has never been cleared by  . . .  XX or YY.  There are a tremendous amount of requests for extensions in their file.  Unbeknownst to us, the County came out and talked to XX and would like for her to get the over the counter permit for the out buildings on the property, or remove them.  The last extension was up about August 8, but all of that was not in the file last week.  She was to get a design approval, which she disagrees with. She apparently put wheels on one of the sheds in question and told County that it now can stay.   Remember all of this way back when Alex Rodriquez came out regarding the use of Melinda Junger (correct name?)…  I cannot believe that the County is so lax — 6 years later nothing has been done.  ZZ was happy to see that the file and citation was still open.  Not sure that does us any good.”

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