Planning Commission Draft Ordinance – and “Home Stays” Simplified Explanation

Exhibit C – Preliminary Draft Ordinance (Version 2017.11)



No more than two (2) times the total number of bedrooms

Home Stay Definition

There are two different kinds:

A.     The STR unit is the STR Operator’s principal residenceand the STR Operator resides at the STR site while it is occupied by short-term renters.

Planning Commission staff makes the following preliminary recommendation (for Big Sur):

• STRs that are defined as homestays, are consistent with the BSLUP and should be allowed.

• STRs that are to be rented 12 times per year or fewer and not more than 2 times per year (referred to herein as “low-frequency STR”) and: Are a primary residence, are consistent with the BSLUP and should be allowed.

B.     The STR unit is not the STR Operator’s principal residence

Planning Commission staff makes the following preliminary recommendation (for Big Sur):

• STRs that would require a Coastal Development Permit (equivalent to the “Use Permit” in the Draft Ordinance), are not consistent with the BSLUP and should not be allowed.

• STRs that are to be rented 12 times per year or fewer and not more than 2 times per year (referred to herein as “low-frequency STR”) and are not a primary residence, are not consistent with the BSLUP and should not be allowed 



• Un-Hosted Short-Term Rental or Un-Hosted STR: A short-term rental whereby the STR Operator does not reside at the STR site while it is occupied by short- term renters are not consistent with the BSLUP and should not be allowed 




From: Anderson, Yuri <>
Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 1:04 PM
Subject: Update on District 5 Mtg w/RMA re: STR Ordinance

As you know, our office had a meeting with representatives from the County RMA department last week. Our primary question, framed a couple of different ways, was:

  1. How does the County plan to determine consistency of the draft STR ordinance (DSTRO) with the Big Sur LUP?
  2. What are your current thoughts on the consistency of the DSTRO with the Big Sur LUP?

Before diving into the answer, we gained clarity on how the DSTRO defines STRs:

  1. Homestays: A permanent resident lives in the structure in which one or more rooms are being let. Ministerial permit
  2. Un-hosted STR “Lite” (for lack of a better name): Whole home can be let up to 12 times per year, but no more than 2 times per month. Does not require a permanent resident on-site. Ministerial permit
  3. Un-hosted STR: Whole home that is let more than 12 times per year. Does not require a permanent resident on-site. Use permit (inland)/Coastal Development Permit (coast)


It is staff’s goal to present an ordinance that is consistent with approved LUPs, including the Big Sur LUP. This means that the STR types outlined above might not be an option in all areas.  At this time, it is staff’s opinion that Type 1 – Homestay is consistent with the 1980’s Big Sur LUP. Type 3 is thought to be inconsistent. Type 2 is still debatable. In the event an LUP is updated, the STR ordinance would subsequently be updated to be consistent with any changes.

There is the possibility that the Planning Commission could ask staff to explore what it would take to have an ordinance consistent with all existing LUPs. This would be the route of amending LUPs prior to adopting an ordinance. This is not staff’s desired approach, as it would add time and expense to the process.

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