Pro-STR/AirBnB Tactics

We are not suggesting these tactics are illegal.  What we are doing is letting the anti-STR community what tactics AirBnB and owners of STRs have used so we can be better prepared.


Goldwater Institute Law Firm files Lawsuit for PG STR owners Pine Cone June 29 2018 -OCR

Miami Beach sued for high short-term rental, Airbnb fines | Miami Herald

Anonymous Owner, L.L.C.: Why It Has Become So Easy to Hide in the Housing Market – The New York Times

airbnb goldwater institute – Google Search

MCVRA & Airbnb Meetup – Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance Meeting – Meetups on Airbnb

Pro short-term rental group files lawsuit against Pacific Grove

Airbnb Is Financing a User_s Lawsuit Against New York City – Bloomberg

Pacific Grove Nespaper Ad in Connection with Initiative to Limit STRs



AirBnB, Expedia donate $300K to vacation rental group in Palm Springs

AirBnB Tactics in Europe

The Short Term Rental Alliance of California (STRACA)

MCVRA has now joined STRACA, a state-wide organization that helps and supports local  short-term rentals advocating for reasonable regulation and responsible management throughout California.  STRACA also advocates for reasonable state legislation. MCVRA is proud to be part of STRACA as a sub-chapter of the central coast region. For more information on STRACA, click here.

London Map - AirBnB Tactics in Europe copy.jpg



CNBC American Hotel Assoc quote.png

“Airbnb has been making back-room deals and strong-arming state and local jurisdictions into ‘voluntary’ tax deals with no transparency, oversight or auditing capability to ensure the company pays its proper share of taxes,” stated Troy Flanagan, vice president of government affairs and industry relations at AHLA. “It’s like putting an empty jar at the counter of a retail store and asking customers to voluntarily pay sales taxes. There’s no accountability.”
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