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Conflicts of Interest Rules

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Form 700

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Please note for the record that we object to participation of any member of the Planning Commission staff, Commissioners, or members of LUAC Committees who have any economic interest in STR’s; and/or have stayed in unpermitted or illegal STR’s; and/or have participated in undisclosed meetings with members or representatives of the Monterey County Vacation Rentals Alliance (MCVRA).

Any person in a staff or official position who has a conflict of interest should disclose that interest and recuse themselves from any staff work or consideration of these issues.

In a separate email we are making a Public Records Request for documents that would allow us all to clarify this issue.



Mr. Danziger,


I write concerning your April 4, 2018 Public Records Act concerning short term rentals.  Portions of your request call for a legal conclusion, such as your statement concerning “illegal Short-Term Rentals”, and “undisclosed meetings with members or representatives of the Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance”.  As such, we understand your request to be directed to the Planning Commissioners, Planning Commission staff, and LUAC members for the following from April 2, 2015 through April 2, 2018:


  • Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700).
  • Any records or notes from any meeting with members or representatives of the Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance (MCVRA).
  • Any internal reports or studies on the issues of 1) traffic; 2) water use; 3) whether STR’s are a “Residential” use within the meaning of the Carmel Land Use Plan; and 4) staffing requirements to strictly enforce either the current ordinances or draft ordinances governing STR’s.
  • Any records pertaining to:  “86 Corona Road, Owner: CW Freedman (and Ellen/Maya) – APN # 241-031-008-000, (2013) “Bella Corona”, “Crash with a View”, 104 Reviews – 2 Sept., Studio $204/night”


We are processing your request as we understand it, and will be in contact by April 16, 2018 with a response.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Kelly L. Donlon
Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
County of Monterey





1. Members with any financial interest in a mater before the LUAC must and shall disqualify themselves from participation as LUAC members in any discussion or vote on the matter. Members who have disqualified themselves from participating as LUAC members may however comment on the item as members of the general public. LUAC members may speak as individuals before any official body deliberating on a matter from which they disqualified themselves. Such a member so speaking must state that they are not representing the LUAC.


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