CEQA EIR Required? Public Services – Construction needed to maintain response times


a) Would the project result in substantial adverse physical impacts associated with the provision of new or physically altered governmental facilities, need for new or physically altered governmental facilities, the construction of which could cause significant environmental impacts, in order to maintain acceptable service ratios, response times or other performance objectives for any of the public services:


The increased use of Highway 1 comes from several sources.  Thousands of STR’s and Home Rentals in Monterey service tourists.  A large percentage of tourists, whether in STR’s, Home Stays, hotels or campgrounds, go or try to go to Big Sur, Point Lobos, and Cannery Row as part of their visit.  It doesn’t matter where in Monterey they are staying, these destinations are high on everyone’s agenda.

Other sources of traffic include employees commuting up to a couple of hours a day each way  to get to work; Travelers passing through on their way Carmel and points north, and San Luis Obispo and Points south.  It is a twisty-windy two-lane Highway with no exit over its entire length.  Delivery and construction vehicles contribute, as do residents.  Also sontricuting are STRHome Stays in close to the coast.

Big Sur has constant stop and go traffic – a phenomen whose greatly intensithy has grown with the exponential growth of the STR market in Monterey.  Massive traffic jams are periodically experienced in the CArmel Area Land Use Policy Area, and specifically Carmel Highlands.

A by pass lane has to be constructed so that emergency vehicles can gert around cars and other vehicles stuck in traffic

This road would need to 4 to 6 miles from Rio Road south, and most of Big Sur.  This is a National Scenic Highway.  The intent has been to keep it a two-lane road, with sparse traffic so everyone can enjoy it. {get cite from each LUP).  Tyhis would be a major project, at great cost, that would take years to build and would likely face intense opposition.




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