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Alert: Airbnb Falsehoods Spreading Quickly
We received many reports that Airbnb proponents are aggressively spreading two falsehoods through complicit Council Members, lobbyists and proxies. The facts are below.
1) Short-term rentals can be limited to 1 per person.
Not true. Cities, like Seattle, fell for this trick and cannot stop unlimited short-term rental ownership due to a simple workaround. Investors own multiple short-term rentals by creating a quick corporate entity and putting the property it its name. The entire process takes about two hours and is inexpensive. Because corporations are considered “persons” under the law, Seattle cannot prevent multiple unit ownership.
2) The California Coastal Commission won’t let us enforce our existing prohibition on short-term rentals.
Not true. The Coastal Commission cannot stop San Diego from enforcing its prohibition on short-term rentals. Airbnb sued Hermosa Beach over this and lost ( The real threat to San Diego is the potential for the Coastal Commission to prevent us from undoing any laws legalizing short-term rentals. Laguna Beach is learning this the hard way. They changed their laws to allow short-term rentals and then tried to undo their mistake. Because short-term rentals had been legalized, the Coastal Commission was able to stop Laguna Beach from making them illegal again (…/california-coastal-commission…/).
We call on you to officially and publicly refute these falsehoods. Your faithful interpretation of our laws and skills are exactly what the city needs to avoid irreversible harm.
Thank you,
Save San Diego Neighborhoods


Jennifer Tandy, past SDUSD Mission Bay Cluster Chair explains why, in a unanimous vote, the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education declared “short-term rental properties threaten the stability and sense of community necessary for neighborhoods to be able to support their local public schools.”

Local taxes only account for 25% of funding for public schools. The lottery, only 1%. Almost 70% (60% state, 9% federal) of school funds come from ADA (Average Daily Attendance)…enrollment. There are currently 1677 WHOLE HOME Short Term Vacation Rentals in the Mission Bay Cluster Schools feeder area. Think about that, 1677 whole houses, apartments or condos that families or young people could rent or buy. Absolutely these STVRs drive up the cost of long term rentals and home sales. The MB Cluster of Schools closed an elementary school in Pacific Beach in 2013. A heartbreaking endeavor. We redrew the boundaries down from 4 elementary schools to 3 and invited the Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy, a Mandarin Immersion magnet school, with no local boundaries to join our cluster of schools. We are now pulling students from all over San Diego with our extraordinary programs, to help fill our enrollment needs. Our cluster is thriving because of the innovative solutions to our enrollment problems. But make no mistake…..STVRs are a HUGE issue for our schools. Please go to this link to see accurate, up to date numbers of STVRs in our schools’ feeder area. This is only for Airbnb….no other platform.…/us/califor…/san-diego/92109/overview The numbers are shocking….the increase each year is unsustainable for a balanced community and successful schools. Imagine how robust our school enrollments would be if even half, even a quarter of these homes were available to rent or buy. The entire San Diego Unified School District as a whole has been steadily losing enrollment since 2012. The numbers include charter schools. Loss of enrollment means loss of revenue to the entire district. I realize STVRs are not the only reason for enrollment declines throughout the district, but the impacts to schools in the PB area, in OB, in La Jolla, in Mission Hills cannot be denie



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