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Questions for RMA/PC

Questions Pertaining to Draft Ordinances establishing regulations for vacation rental (previously referred to as short-term rental) uses in the unincorporated areas of the County of Monterey (REF130043 and REF100042)

Numerous questions have arisen with respect to the Draft Ordinances establishing regulations for vacation rental (previously referred to as short-term rental) uses in the unincorporated areas of the County of Monterey (REF130043 and REF100042).  These questions need to be answered both for our understanding of the Proposed Project so that we can comment knowledgeably and in detail, and also so the Planning Commissioners and Supervisors have a clear understanding and complete record of the facts upon which they will be voting.


Please note that “All answers must take account of the whole action involved, including off-site as well as on-site, cumulative as well as project-level, indirect as well as direct, and construction as well as operational impacts.”
“Draft Ordinance”: Collectively those documents issued by the Resource Management Agency of Monterey County on or around April 19, 2019.  Specifically:


·      Combined_ENV_Vacation Rental Ordinances Public Review and Notice_2019.04.19;

·      Combined_Vacation Rental Ordinances Public Review and Notice_2019.04.19;

·      Combined_Vacation Rental Ordinances Public Review and Notice_2019.04.19;

·      Vacation Rental Ordinance_Title 20_2019.04.19 Public Draft;

·      Vacation Rental Ordinance_Title 21_2019.04.18 Public Draft;

·      ATTACHMENT D_Coastal Table_040519_Final; and,

·      ATTACHMENT E_Non-Coastal Table_040519_Final.


“LUP’s”:   STRs/Homestays Conflict with applicable land use plans, policy, and regulations of the agencies with jurisdiction. Collectively they are referred to in this document as the”LUP’s” and/or “Land Use Plans.”  These include:


·     The Americans with Disabilities Act,
·     Big Sur Land Use Plan,
·     Big Sur Coast Land Use Plan,
·     Highway 1 Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan,
·     CalFire Very High Wildfire Severity Zone,
·     California Coastal Act,
·     Carmel Area Land Use Plan – Local Coastal Program,
·     Carmel Area Coastal Implementation Program,
·     Carmel Area State Park Plan.
·     Carmel Highlands and Carmel Riviera Master Plan,
·     Carmel Riviera Mutual Water Company,
·     Carmel Valley Planning Area of the Monterey County Community General Plan,
·     Carmel Valley Master Plan,
·     Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA) including:

·     The Monterey National Marine Sanctuary,The California Sea Otter Game Refuge, Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area, Pt. Lobos State Marine Reserve, Pt. Lobos Marine Conservation Area,

·     Monterey County Coastal Implementation Plan – Title 20 Zoning Ordinance,
·     Monterey County Title 21 – Inland Zoning Ordinance,
·     Monterey County General Plan,
·     National Marine Reserve,
·     Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project.