STR’s Are Allowed to Discriminate Against the Handicapped

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SLO determines ADA does not apply

Over the last six years the Planning Commission has been repeatedly asked to include compliance with the Americans with Disabilites Act a prerequisite for being an STR.  The Planning Commission has never done so, and in fact has rejected the requirement.  So has the Coastal Commission.

Hotels and Motels spend a lot of money and effort to accommodate all of the guests who might wish to stay with them.  To allow STR’s to blatantly, and in our view illegally, discriminate against the handicapped is not only unfair competition for existing lodging facilities, it is just plain wrong.

I personally have to use a kind of wheelchair, as did many in our families as they get older.  To allow STR without accommodation for the handicapped is infuriating, and beneath our values as a community.

And if this continues, the Coastal Commission and Planning Commission could be fostering in a kind of death spiral for businesses that accommodate the handicapped.  Unburdened by the requirements hotels face, STR’s could (and are) putting many out of business.  Many hotels and others have had to raise their rates as STR’s take away business.  As such, handicapped people could well be forced to pay more to come to Monterey than other visitors.



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